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crazy contagious jaynism

latest 2AM & AOM translated news & rumors from the source!

welcome to bumvirus
10점 만점에 10점.
(jae)bum virus: (n.) an infectious agent of asphasia that causes a victim to talk nonsense Korean babble. known to be extremely contagious and endearing.

rumored to have originated from a guy who is short & looks like he's from Seattle.

[Trans] Male Fan Fanaccount
10점 만점에 10점.
Hey guys, I know some of you still use LJ so I thought I might post here. Our site will be up soon, promise! For now, I will archive translations by JP.net team here and on TUMBLR.

Follow us at @jayparknetwork


Jaypark.net - With permission. DC Gall Translation: Misselly28@jaypark.net, yoonyeo@twitter

I didn’t even get up to see the world cup
but there were already a lot of posts about the airport event.

I’d given up on going cause I had an exam that evening at another campus far from Chunan campus, which would not end until 4PM.

But hey, as I kept reading all night about the airport and jaywalkers’ plans
I really really wanted to go.
so even if the airport was empty by then I planned to go there and get a whiff of his path…

So I made up my mind— to skip the exam ^^

The main influence was Victoria noona. I told her what I decided.
I also posted my decision on dc gallery for Jaywalkers to see.

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10점 만점에 10점.
Hi everyone. Thank you for those who thoroughly read the post and understood what really went on. Really, it was all a series of unfortunate misunderstandings and the majority of us have moved on, doing more positive things for Jay. I locked the comments now, since it seems we got it (if you need answers, just e-mail me, let's figure this out together ^^) As for 2OD I contacted the mods and if it is their wish we would support them in Telzone/DAUM, though I believe they already wrote there and are already capable for translating. ^^

Here's a comment that summarized nicely.

"I think everyone wants this drama to be over by now. We have all stated our positions and made them known. so now, lets stop hating on each other; we are all in this fandom for jay and to support jay. lets all put aside our differences and see that this is one important trait we all hold in common.

what happened, happened. hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon by all parties involved. so lets wait for that time to come. meanwhile, lets all get on with our lives and not continue to drag out this drama and blame so and so for something. if we do, in the end the only people hurting will be us(jay's fans) and jay.

lets just stand united and be strong. there will always be times of trouble in a fandom, but if we work together it will be resolved. In the bigger picture, we want to support jay and help him succeed, us continuing to squabble and fight amongst each other will not help us acheive that goal in any way. just calm down, ride it out guys and it will be okay."

Thank you to the amazing, mature fans.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin.
I’m going to try my best to clear things up.

First of all, please understand that all this happened without my knowledge. No words I can say can undo what has transpired. I only write this to clarify after having read e-mails from people who were involved in this situation.

I’m writing this so quickly and without sleep, so please understand if I miss out on things or make mistakes. You can let me know in the comments. I also wrote more exposition because reading peoples’ accounts I realized they are not all filled in on the story.

This is long, so here’s the takeaway message:

Our bilingual staff suddenly was placed with responsibility and then attacked for the bad rep for 2OD. Realize, the bad rep started because Korean fans were already upset with the conference video, and even if was taken down, there would be repercussions.

The staff member was getting complaints from both Korean fans and I-fans. She tried to mediate by offering help on translations (which wasn’t the error so much as the timing) and erroneously thought it would be best if pro-Jay admins would come work on JayPark.net but this recruitment was at a bad timing and some people took this as offense what 2OD stood for.

JayPark.net is to recognize and showcase ALL Jay fansites and fanprojects—our offers to help was mistakenly seen as negative and attempts to gain leverage.

No matter how I see it the uploading of the conference video can only mean bad reaction from the Korean side of the fandom, even if it was uploaded on good intentions.

I don’t blame anyone—people were clearly upset and distressed. None of this should have happened.

IN THE END: Any fansites we are part of or run does not concern OUR prides, but for Jay’s prosperity only. I listed the misunderstandings here. People make mistakes.

I apologize on behalf of my team and for not being cyber vigilante. Now the twitter and all executive decisions of JayPark.net are going through me so huge misunderstandings like this will not happen.

Korean Fans Concern

Korean fans of Jay will go all the way to protect Jay’s reputation. They are like/are mother fans.

I’m not sure how much I stressed this the last time or if I explained it enough.

That is not to say all the fans are at one end of the pole or another, but they are extremely concerned with keeping Jay’s name clean because the conference dirtied his name in the public.

The conference is a very sensitive topic to Korean fans because that is when the “societally unacceptable, but not legally wrong” reason for the members to all agree on signing Jay off of 2PM became such a huge scandal in Korea, harming Jay’s reputation.

Vague scandals n kpop are absolutely the worst. Look now at how “Mr. Kim’s” marijuana incident, and how the search is pretty much number one on the major Korean portal sites.

The negative press is similarly overwhelming. By being vague about Jay’s permanent withdrawal drew a lot of negative attention because people were trying to find out exactly why or concoting bad rumors.

This is why Korean fans are doubly concerned about protecting Jay’s reputation, because in the public eye the conference did not clarify anything, but only subject him to worse criticism. Since Korean fans could not protect Jay from antis when he first left, they will do all they can in their power to save Jay, who is now considered worldstar, from international harsh light.

I’ve thought a lot of about writing my own thoughts on the conference, because simply it’s too much of a hassle. And whatever I think shouldn’t weigh in on anyone else’s opinion, so I just refrained from writing anything on the conference since then.
There is no way to undo any of the past conflict and misunderstandings other than for people to just move on. And there is no way around it--bringing up the conference in any shape or form only opens old wounds and spurs Korean fans to action.

Jaypark.net and 2OD

I think it’s important that jaypark.net/jayparkeffect’s mission statements be clear before I explain further.
Jaypark.net’s mission is three-fold
1. Provide a space for only-Jay fans from all over the world.
2. Recognize all the Jay fansites/projects and showcase works.
3. Provide publicity platform for Jay and his future projects.
My personal wish was for this site to help Jay launch his career in western media. To be honest I was originally hesitant on this site because I thought there were plenty of Jay Park fansites already.

It’s only when I thought about all the talent that Jay had and the uncertainty of his future in entertainment that I decided, with these unique mission statements, that this might really help propel Jay in western entertainment.

Out of courtesy I reached out to ALL the Jay Park twitters, fansites, projects that I had heard of and let them know we were making a site for Jay and wanting to showcase all the Jay support.

I contacted a 2OD admin very early on during the site developments, and that we wanted to welcome her advice and collaborations on any future projects. The admin told us that they were happy to help out for Jay.

I thought that then our mission goals were clear to other fanclubs—that we weren’t trying to absorb other fansites or to compete—and proceeded. I thanked them on twitter and on the staff recruit page (still up). I welcomed everyone to apply for staff while simulataneously working on their own projects/fansites still. Because if the latter didn’t happen, we don’t have different sites/fanclubs to showcase.

When I finally got online I saw tweets that Jay Park Effect “betrayed” 2OD. This could not be any more heartbreaking to me, who worked so hard to make sure there were no misunderstandings of that sort from the beginning. “Throwing 2OD under the bus”? That would take away from our third mission. 2OD was also a place where I found out about 2PM when I got interested January of last year.

I see that three misunderstandings occurred.

1. At the beginning MissyUSA admin from a very similar account name @jayparkeffectS and similar youtube account (thejayparkeffect?)e-mailed the 2OD admins telling them the translations were wrong/biased/other things. I don’t know what else she said but she was very angry, but our staff at @jayparkeffect is not the same person.

I kept seeing the accusation thrown around directed at OUR account in peoples’ stories
. Please note this is not the case.

2. Misunderstanding staff’s actions:
When 2OD uploaded the English conference video, for these reasons Korean fans got very upset and told 2OD to take it down and also on youtube. Since I did not listen to the video I can’t tell you if it was mistranslated or biased, but since both sides of the fandoms are telling me different things, I cannot say much.

The JayPark.net staff member didn’t lead anything, but she responded at an inopportune time. She is not a part of 2OD so she does not know the internal structure very well, except from what I have told her.

She tried to mediate the both fandoms but I see now that she and the site unfortunately ended up in the crossfire.

Korean fans came up to JayPark.net staff member since she is bilingual and working on an international fansite for Jay, and complained to her. Staff member asked who had uploaded the video. She sent me an e-mail asking what was going on 2OD and why Korean fans were complaining to her.

Some i-fans then came up to her and started complaining about Korean fans. The i-fans thought it was the mistranslation that k-fans suddenly acted on 2OD channel. The staff emphasized it's really about the timing of the uploads, not the translation itself that matters.

This member then asked 2OD admin if she's concerned about k-fans' claim on the 2OD's mistranslation of the conference, she would work it out and clear her name.

She was being plagued by e-mails from Korean fans and unluckily ended up as the scapegoat for 2OD’s reputation among Korean fans.

Here is what she told me
“Then k-fans told me 2OD posted something on Telzone board.
I really liked what she posted there explaining what 2OD has gone through but as you can imagine that wasn't enough to calm the Korean fans down. Although I felt many K-fans began feeling a little bit of sympathy towards 2OD people about the entire situation, there were so many of them who were spamming 2OD's channel w/ requests to take down the videos. I just knew that they would NOT stop until the videos are down.”

3. She posted on DAUM/TELZONE, a freeboard for Jay Park fans, to STOP. The site was also publicized for the first time there (bad timing in retrospect), but a good number of people already know of the site. Just to clarify Korean Jay fansites already are very aware of our site already since we reached out to them to practice trending drills and to have one trending topic in order to have Jay get on TT (instead of having scattered terms).

The tweets she sent to 2OD admin was because she was concerned the admins were being attacked and wanted to help clear their name with Korean fandom. Since they have done much good for Jay, it was her idea that working for a Jay-only site, which is their main interest anyway, would be best in the end. She also proposed wanting to work on revising the translations, and when that didn’t work out,

You can read the capped tweets or the actual DAUM post. I am sorry for others to misunderstand on various levels. I reached out the all the sites for their blessings to avoid being seen as "competition," but this was not the case.


Jay Park Net twitter was shared by our team. Effective today, the account and future executive decisions are solely under my control. So if you have any questions or issues please direct them to my bumvirus twitter account.


I realize this is long and I'm not sure if I answered everything. I wasn’t there so I might have missed some things. I barely slept because I was so worried, but I don’t have anything to hide from anyone, so you can ask me anything.

We shouldn’t be crying over all this…we should be crying tears of happiness when Jay is on the big screen and he makes it big. So I hope this clarifies some.

If you read this, please just write “LOVE & RESPECT” in the comments. Thank you for reading.

A few Updates
10점 만점에 10점.
1) JayPark.net front page is up! Please follow us at @jayparkeffect on twitter.
JayPark.net 시작페이지를 오픈했습니다. 트위터에서 @jayparkeffect 를 팔로해 주세요

2) Staff applications are still up and the last day to submit an application is probably going be May 8th. We have had great interest, thank you everyone!
스태프 지원서를 계속 받고 있습니다. 5월 8일에 지원을 마감할 예정입니다. 많은 관심 보여주신 여러분께 감사드립니다!

3) We now have a Formspring for your questions/suggestions. Some real good tips and advice coming through this way. No personal questions please.
현재는 Formspring에서 여러분의 질문과 제안을 받고 있습니다. 많은 아이디어와 조언이 접수되고 있는 중입니다. 개인적인 질문은 받지 않겠습니다.

4) Jay needs fewer than 800 ~600 560 people to reach 100k subscribers. Let's reach that goal by the end of this week (hopefully).
재범의 유튜브 구독자 수가 560명 정도만 더 늘어나면 10만명에 이르게 됩니다. 이번주말까지 목표를 이룰 수 있기를 바랍니다.

5) Donations If you inquired about donations, jaypark.net's paypal account is jayparkeffect@gmail.com. You can donate anonymously if you wish. All named donors will be noted for recognition later! ^_^
기부금 : 기부 방법에 대해서 문의하셨던 분들은jaypark.net의 페이팔(paypal) 을 이용해 주세요. 저희 페이팔 계정은 jayparkeffect@gmail.com입니다. 원하시는 분들은 익명으로 기부하셔도 됩니다. 모든 기부자들께는 추후 감사의 말씀을 전할 예정입니다.

6) Please comment on Jay's youtube page with these YT icons:
재범의 유튜브 채널에서 댓글 다실때 아래 프로필 아이콘을 쓰세요. ^~^

I'm using the first one right now. ^ㅠ^
Thanks to @rottenvivian for the 2nd, @c_roline for the 3rd.

If you have YT icons (88x88) to submit, please do so here!
(trans cr@klonoa025)

Recruiting for jaypark.net
10점 만점에 10점.

Staff Positions Officially CLOSED
Thanks for the support!

Decisions to be mailed out in the next week.

Big thanks to our affiliates/supporters: 2ONEDAY, AOM_TJP, JaySkyMsg, EXTA5Y, Respect Leadja, SupportJayPark, Art of Jay Forums, NINJA4LEADJA

Jay's message to kBumtists, video + translations
10점 만점에 10점.

Jay sent a video message to his Korean fans at Underground (biggest Jay fanclub) event for Jay's birthday.

문재가 되었을 경우 삭재 하겠습니다.

Translations @bumvirus
Follow me at: http://twitter.com/bumvirus for updates.

Uh, yes, hello ^ㅠ^
I heard you guys were putting on a party for me.
I'm very sad we couldn't do it together.
But although my body is far away,
what's important is that my mind is close, right?
And...thank you very much for supporting me and loving me.

And..(captions say he's fumbling at this point LOL) '
our AOM crew and family members
thank you guys for treating me so well, really. (I think this is what he meant to say haha)

Uh...from now on,
I'm not sure what kind of work I'll be doing.
Whatever I do, I will try my best.
That is one promise I can make.
I'm still going to upload Youtube videos.
So watch for me.

Mm...I'm going to express my mind through a song.
"I want to see you,
I want to see you,
I want to see you (so much) I want to die."
Yeah...I'll try to see you guys as fast as possible.
And uh.....even though I am not there, thanks so very much for having a birthday party for me.
Thank you very much (bow).

Belated Housekeeping
10점 만점에 10점.
bumvirus now has e-mail at bumvirus(at)gmail(dot)com! I will try my best to reply to all inquiries.

1. Do you have a formspring?

No, I don't. Unfortunately formspring doesn't work on my computer. However I am available by twitter, e-mail, or through livejournal.

This post will be an OPEN post for questions. That is, your comments will not be screened, and anonymous comments are allowed. If you want your comments screened, please go to this post.

2. Can you help us promote _______ project?

Send a blurb my way, and I'll publicize accordingly. However I don't think I can help out actively because I'm working on a project of my own.

3. Jay Park Project

To put it in a nutshell, we want to create a one-stop fansite for Jay with a collective of all projects/sites/cafes in his name. We're working with Korean fans, and eventually we want to make the site available in Thai, Chinese, and other languages. This is why I asked for translators on my twitter a while ago.

For those of you who offered help, thank you so much. We're not at a stage where we can employ any concrete help but the thought really counts! Unless you're specifically talented at web design/administration.^^ Also, I'm still taking feedback.

4. About Tweets
To reduce confusion, I think I may just use these tags
Should be good for now. Miscellaneous tweets won't be tagged.

That being said, if I don't elaborate on my tweets, I probably don't know much more about it/it's just a thought. :/

Thanks everyone!

Bumvirus: project Korea III: AOM & Jay Park

Feel free to spread this link, copy & paste as needed.
Credit @bumvirus would be nice.

If you're strapped for time, only read the second part!

Korean fans: I will try to write parts 5 & 6 in Korean.

PART ONE: Getting to Rutgers, Inside Nicholas Center, Goong Play, PerformancesCollapse )

PART TWO: Bumvirus account of AOM, Jay Park, AfterShow, other fan info/rumors!Collapse )

Feel free to spread this link, copy & paste as needed.

I never self-aggrandize as a policy because I'm not interested in "internet publicity" or whatever. I believe people who are really interested will find accounts on their own sooner or later, which seems to be the case anyway. ^_^

Pics in next entry, videos are up already on jaebumvirus @ YT. Thanks everyone.


One Day's ONLY Diva.
bumvirus will be attending the Rutgers KSA project Korea show!

Thanks to a lovely benefactor~ &hearts I cannot thank you enough.

I can't really promise that I can get to talk to Jay (been told he is not taking interviews). Also this is a staged performance and not a local bboy gathering.

I have no idea how the "fanmeet" will be after the performance other than the predictable chaotic. I am hoping the KSA has anticipated the massive number of fans who are attending just to see him...

Knowing the swarm of fangirls, I may just keep my distance to give AOM + Jay some breathing space, but at the very least I will do my best to take pictures and update live via twitter! I am also in the process of preparing a care package/gift for the boys with snacks and such to eat on the way home. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

I'm a bit nervous, as this will be my first time seeing him in person (on stage). I've seen Khun on stage too, but this will have a greater meaning.

Let me know if you guys are going~

Additional updates:

Revised mission statement for the bumvirus project now reflected in the profile page.

★ I am now solely updating for Jay Park of AOM and occasionally, for 2AM. ★

Read more......Collapse )

Thank for reading!

Questions Part I
10점 만점에 10점.
First of all, I would like to thank every single one of you who has read and even commented on the last post. Did you know it's the one 2PM-related post with replies that do not devolve into conflict?

Take a look, there have been some great discussions on the comments page!

★★ Regarding the whole debate over "transcript bias," please refer to this very important thread. This was in response to the 49.5 bananas controversial blog post. I thank the anonymous contributor who helped facilitate this cultural conversation.

★★ Additionally, last week I got my hands on the full recordings and a 58 page Korean script pdf file of the entire conference. Without getting too much into statistics, I spot-checked some 15 pages randomly, and this is the most accurate and the most fair I've read by far.

The script was downloaded from a fancafe rep who was actually there at the conference. The script had been edited numerous times to be as accurate as possible and also noted where popular transcripts floating around on the web were biased or wrong.

I've passed this project to the hands of bigger translating teams so a big kudos to them.

★★ Now to the questions. I tried to explain them in the best way that I could, but please feel free to comment for additional clarification. Some answers may include a personal perspective if asked.

★★ Questions in the comments or if you want your comments screened/anonymous, please ask them here.

Questions Part ICollapse )

Thanks for reading.
Love & Respect